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Water/Moisture Damage is cumulative the sooner it is found and corrected the less damage and cost for repairs.Mold thrives on moisture,get rid of damaged sheathing and correct all water/moisture entry locations.We know the areas to look for and test from a data base of over 23,000 homes studied. Get a Moisture Warranty from   are reports are accepted  by MWC. You can get up to 5 years $150,000.00 renewable and transferable over 70% renew their warranty. We use ReportMakerPro the most comprehensive reports in the Industry

Potential Problems:In Stucco- What To Look For/ Possible Leaks
On the interior,if the bottoms of windows are discolored or at the under side of  the top of the  windows you notice staining. If the base trim is warped or the carpet is wet, these are indications of a leak. If there is a moldy smell in the house, there may be leaks, if there are brown streaks below the corners of windows or where window units are joined, it is likely there is a leak at that location ( but not always ).Intersections of walls and roofs are also susceptible to leaks. If  you have concerns about your home, contact me for help

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