Damsill Window Pans

Damsill Window Pans

What is DamSill?

DamSill is a window pan system that is designed to solve moisture problems in both new and existing structures by installing under windows and doors to catch water and move it away from the wall. Easier to install and more reliable than any other pan system on the market, DamSill ships in 3’ sections that can be adjoined to create any length. The finish trim/ face plate is not supplied due to the custom needs of most installations.

Helpful Hints

  • Ganged Windows—Multiple window units should have a continuous piece of DamSill under the mullion (joint between the two windows).  These areas frequently leak and a continuous piece of DamSill will catch the water.
  • Windows With EIFS Accents—The DamSill can be installed on windows with up to a 1” accent without modification. Accents over 1” must be cut at an angle to allow the DamSill drain holes to reach the outboard surface.
  • Caulking The Window—All windows and window perimeters should be sealed.  The construction elements of many windows and doors leak.  These areas should be caulked to help prevent leaking. 

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