Diversified Stucco Services

Diversified Stucco Services

At DSS, we recognize that the exterior facade may be the most important standard by which you and the general public measure the quality of a residential or commercial building. That's why we have dedicated our talents and resources to providing you with superior work and satisfaction.

We specialize in stucco home repair and maintenance and we're insured. We maintain certifications from several institutes and we are one of only a few contractors in the Atlanta area that are recommended by the Moisture Free Warranty Corporation.

Plus, our service guarantee is, by far, one of the longest in the industry, We provide trusted estimates seven days a week and encourage you to call, e-mail, or use the Request Quote to arrange a free, no obligation estimate for your residential or commercial structure.

The services we offer exclusively for stucco homes include caulking and sealing, foundation cutting and sealing, carpentry and painting, window and door header flashing, kick-out/diverter flashing, wall repair, window replacement, and deck flashing. Our carpentry services encompass all exterior areas including fascia, eaves, and soffits.

Maintaining your stucco home is important to its longevity -- we can help you keep it well maintained and attractive.

It is assumed that your home was built by a qualified builder and that all remedial work was performed by qualified personnel in accordance with local building code requirements.

Unfortunately, that is not always true. 

Chances are your home is not properly caulked or flashed. The most common problem areas are where stucco meets windows and trim.

Without proper caulk sealant, water can seep into crevices and cracks and cause considerable damage, which cannot always be immediately seen until after the damage is already done.

Diversified Stucco's personnel will inspect your home to locate all areas that are not properly caulked and sealed. Once these areas are identified, they will use a sealant (caulking) appropriate for the substrate to create a water-tight barrier.

Diversified uses Dow Corning's 795 Sealant. which is the industry standard product for use with stucco structures. Please see the Product Info Sheet for product specifications.

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