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We create affordable and scalable website design to fit your budget and needs while reflecting your company and style. Whether you need a brand new website or would like to give your existing website new features or a fresh new look.

I am always in pursuit of innovative design solutions. This means creating a visually attractive site which meets customer needs and best communicates your marketing messages. Whether you are a Mom and Pop shop or a large corporation you can benefit from proper branding and a unique online company image that sets you aside from the competition. I identify the qualities that make your business unique and make them visible to your target market.

Affordability means giving you the highest quality for a reasonable price. Quality web design takes time and years of applied knowledge.

Get Your WebSite Seen On Google, Yahoo, Bing and others...

Are you looking for a professional SEO company in Charlotte NC who can get your name and business to the top of the search engines? Have you been trying to rank in Google , Yahoo , or MSN / Bing and only had little or no results? Maybe you’re doing the wrong things? Using outdated and worthless techniques? Or maybe you have no idea where to start…
When starting out with a new website, many small business owners are of the “if you build it, they will come” mentality when they have a website built. The truth is this just won’t happen. If you don’t market your site and promote it in a way that gets search engine traffic, your website is probably costing you a lot more money than it is making you. Our Charlotte SEO services include absolutely everything needed to help your company achieve prominent search engine rankings. From keyword research to monitoring your web analytics package to on-site optimization, content development and link building, our Charlotte NC search engine optimization programs are truly comprehensive.
Your website has to have a strong brand presence, a strong value proposition, and the prospective customer needs to be able to find exactly what they are looking for on your site. These are the driving factors for converting web visitors into customers. It takes about 3 to 4 Months to achieve great results with an SEO campaign, but the fact that the cost of SEO goes down over time thus lowering your cost of new customer acquisition is not something that should be taken lightly. You need to take control of your cost of new customer acquisition for the long term and Search Engine Optimization is the best way to accomplish that.

Quick SEO Tips
Here are some quick tips you can use right away to improve your site’s ranking.
1. Title tags – one of the most important keys to ranking is the title tag. Make sure each page has a unique title tag and use around 2 – 3 keywords, but make them so they create variations. If you serve a specific local or regional market, it can also be helpful to list your main location in the title tag. Using geo modifiers helps you to rank more quickly and show up for more buying keyword phrases.
2. Don’t Over Optimize – If your site is perfectly optimized and you’re moving up from #15 to #7 to #3 and then suddenly you disappear, then you’ve probably triggered this filter. There are exceptions. Sometimes, it is just the engine doing some recalculating. Other times, you’re getting filtered. Don’t overoptimize and you’ll be less likely to get filtered.
3. Links to links – Many people know that link building will help your site to rank better. But most people go about it the wrong way. If you want a page to rank and not fall back quickly, then you need to build links to your links. If all the pages that link to your page are brand new and have no backlinks of their own, then your page is not going to rank or it won’t rank for very long. In addition to building links to your main pages, you have to build links to your links.
4. Website Speed – If you’re website is slow, your visitors will notice, and they will probably leave quickly. Make sure your website loads quickly and doesn’t have any problems displaying in the most common browsers.
5. Fresh, Engaging Content – I shouldn’t even have to say this, but to rank well and keep on ranking well, you really need to have fresh, high quality content on your site. What do you offer that differentiates you from everyone else? Make sure the content on your site is fresh and interesting, and your rankings will stick.
Instead of trying to do this all by yourself, let me help you. Don’t waste any more time. Fill out the form below to have a free consultation. Or you can click away from this page and keep on getting mediocre results from your search engine rankings.

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