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The Certified Stucco and EIFS Inspectors at Holmes Inspection Company Kansas City, are highly trained and professional Residential and Commercial stucco inspectors. We have performed moisture analysis, stucco testing and inspection of repair contractors work in Kansas City single family homes, retail and business offices, strip malls, schools, hotels, churches and many other commercial buildings for over 16 years We have worked with Kansas City Stucco and EIFS remediation and repair contractors for many years in small and large projects, as well as helping insurance companies by providing moisture analysis and investigation or assessment and expert witness type reports.

The professional inspectors at Kansas City Holmes Inspection Company follow strict sampling guidelines. We perform our inspections, using as a guideline the general Standards of Practice of the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) and the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA).

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My name is Dan Bowers and I do residential, commercial and environmental inspections in the Kansas City metroplex and surrounding areas. I’ve been performing building inspections full time since 1984. Before that I was a Home Builder and Commercial Contractor for 10 years. In the past 20 years I have been featured in over 64 articles for local newspapers or magazines, appeared on several TV or radio shows on housing defects, and we’ve have been featured on both Stan Kramer’s investigative TV show, the KC Star’s home video series on home ownership and Channel 41 as an expert in construction defects, etc. AND I have taught adult education classes on building and construction defects at Johnson County Community College in Kansas.

I first started doing Stucco & EIFS Testing and Moisture Analysis in 1998 after taking the two Certification courses from Exterior Design Institute (EDI). These were an extensive 40 hours of training in Philadelphia for “Moisture Analysis & 3rd Party EIFS Inspection”. Since then I’ve taken many training courses on stucco, EIFS, moisture intrusion, building science, stucco repairs and have earned many Certifications in these fields. We’re considered to be the best in our area by many Realtors, lenders and insurance companies when it comes to inspecting Stucco or EIFS OR finding moisture intrusion.  (Check Out Our Training & Certifications).

With over 16 years of experience in Stucco and EIFS testingHolmes Inspection Company is one of the MOST EXPERIENCED companies in this area. We provide affordable and professional Stucco & EIFS Testing and Moisture Analysis throughout the Kansas City metropolitan and surrounding areas. Whether you currently own a home or commercial business, OR you are selling OR buying one, you can choose Holmes Inspection Company to test your building with confidence and peace of mind. Our professional team of specialists are committed to helping you make your home or commercial workplace a safe haven and protect it from moisture intrusion, rot, and other associated damages and costly repairs from poorly installed, defective or leaking stucco.

Many inspectors in our area have simply purchased Stucco / EIFS testing equipment and started walking, talking and testing, with NO formal training or education. With the costs associated with moisture intrusion and hidden damages, costly repairs from poorly installed, defective or leaking stucco., it’s CRAZY for you to entrust your family’s home OR commercial business to someone like that.

Look Around, Then Check out our Training and Certifications.

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